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For any press inquiry, collaboration or additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly via the form on the link below:

Through my lens, I strive to capture the essence of each moment, to reveal unique stories charged with emotion and aesthetics. Every image I create is a visual immersion, every video a visceral narrative. My work goes beyond convention, creating a visual gallery rich in color, texture and emotion.

My experience as a safari guide has given me a different approach to these journeys and to the environment in which I evolve. This has enabled me to capture special moments and create visuals that transcend the ordinary. Some of my shots have been recognized for their vision, technique and commitment to telling authentic stories through the lens.


Find on this press page my latest exciting collaborations, papers or blog articles that have been written about the Safari Guide, awards and upcoming projects.


Whether you're a journalist, editor or simply passionate about images and/or Africa, I invite you to dive into my world, where every image tells an unforgettable story.

Let's collect the articles

article when the quest to observe a rare black leopard becomes a reality in kenya with valentin lavis
first prize montier 2023 wildlife photography festival - video theme kenya cheetah hunting
melting pot agency with tony crocetta trip to kenya photographer photo credit melting pot safari
Conference at the Montier 2023 Wildlife Photography Show in partnership with Sony on the quest for the Black Leopard
formation photo video guide safari jc pieri avec valentin lavis best practice
workshop accompanying jc pieri namibia credits jcpieriformation
article by frederic pie about his trip to zambia with the safari guide - credit photo valentin lavis
Deep in the rocky hills of the Kenyan highlands lives a creature that is unique in its beauty, but above all in its rarity. Only a dozen or so individuals have been identified in this region. It melts into the darkness like a ghost in the shadow of a thick bush before pouncing on its prey. This will undoubtedly be Valentin Lavis's most beautiful animal encounter: the black leopard with Sony Alpha.
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